Plan Benchmarking ———

It’s Important
to Know Where You Stand

Why You Need To Benchmark

A retirement plan is not a “set it and forget it” thing. Critical factors like regulations, fees, and rates of return all vary over time.

Benchmarking your company’s plan regularly is therefore quite important, both for your own and your employees’ interest.

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Morgia looks at several factors when we benchmark a plan.

We Find Out What You’re Currently Paying

Many providers make it difficult to figure out what you’re actually paying in terms of fees. Morgia Retirement will look into what your all-in cost is for you and your employees.

Compare Key Metrics

Key metrics to benchmark include: fund fees, administrative and advisory costs, employee participation and savings rates, and plan design.

Look at Business Factors

Plan Design consideration - is your plan designed to also maximize your (owner) retirement savings? Are you taking full advantage of tax breaks? What is the long-term outlook for your business?

Examine Employee Returns

The plan’s employee returns are the reason for its existence. Is your current plan offering funds that provide cost effective and best of class returns? This is where Morgia Retirement’s expertise can make a great difference.

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