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After years of striving, your hard work is paying off. You’ve found yourself at a stable point in life, with debt paid down and assets accumulating.

Right now is a good time to really enjoy yourself, right?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. Entering peak earning years doesn’t mean entering your peak spending years. You have more options than ever, and likely less time to go through them. This is where a trusted partner can help you stay on track and answer complicated questions about your specific situation.

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Even after you’ve put yourself on a secure financial course, many options may unfold.

Morgia has experience helping clients make appropriate decisions for reaching their goals and planning for market volatility. We also help evaluate financial decisions, like large purchases or saving for education costs.

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What does “vested” mean?

Vested means that you are entitled to the contributions that have been saved in your account. An employee is always 100% vested in their own contributions, but may have to be employed a certain amount of years until they are vested in their employer’s contributions.

What’s an expense ratio? I thought this was employer covered.

It is a fee that covers the annual operating expenses of a mutual fund. It covers compensation for fund managers, administrative costs, and marketing costs. Most plans will show you the amount deducted in your annual end of year statement.

I saw an attractive stock on the news. How do I add it to my retirement plan?

Most investment options include mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). If you like a particular stock you will need to do some research to see what fund holds the specific stocks in them that you are interested in.

What are signs my employer’s plan doesn’t have the best options for me?

The expense ratios could be higher than normal or the lineup does not offer a diverse menu of funds. Your investment options should include Target Date Funds, Large, Mid and Small Cap Funds, International Funds, Index Funds, Real Estate Funds, Bond Funds, and a Money Market Fund.

What if I need to withdraw money from my retirement account?

Every employer’s retirement plan has details on how to withdraw money from your retirement account. The plan document will provide you with the ways you can access your funds. The most common ways are taking a loan, hardship withdrawals, and in-service distributions.

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